Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dead Bird

The term "Dead Bird" has many meanings. To duck hunters it is the command that they give their dog when there is a bird that has hit the ground that they did not see fall. To some it is a movie or even a rock band. To our family it is exactly what it sounds like....a dead bird!
Yesterday we had some friends come up from Alabama to stay with us for the night. Everything was going, fellowship, and rock band. We were all sitting upstairs when one of our guest comes up from downstairs and says "did you know that you have a dead bird in your trash in the bathroom in the basement". You can imagine that we were quite shocked by this comment. Yes, we are known to pull the occasional prank...but a dead way! I said, "you're kidding right...I just took out all the trash today from all the bathrooms and cleaned and there wasn't a dead bird there".
Just then my sweet precious boys appear and we asked "boys, did you put a dead bird in the trash can?". Andrew answered, "yes, Eli did it....he got it off the back porch and brought it in and threw it in the trash". I don't know what is worse.....that my kid picked up a dead bird and brought it inside....or that my guest had to find a dead bird in their trash can. I'm just glad someone saw it the same day it was put in. I never go downstairs and I can't even begin to imagine the smell that would have penetrated my house, or the hunt to try and find where the smell was coming from........But still, A DEAD have got to be kidding me!

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