Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kids will be Kids!

Jesse usually is the one that takes Andrew to school in the mornings on his way to work.  Today they left a little late and got caught in traffic which resulted in Andrew being a few minutes late to school.  When a child is late the parent has to walk the child in, sign them in and give the reason why they were late.  So Jesse being the smart aleck that he is, wrote in the reason category "hurricane", the front office people really got a kick out it!
So Jesse walked Andrew down to his class and apologized to the teacher again by cracking some sort of joke, when across the room a kid darts out and runs/sprints up to Andrew.  He then leans in and yells "Hey Andrew, your dad had a big nose!".  I don't know what is funnier.....seeing the kid fall over himself running to tell Andrew this or the awkwardness that followed between Jesse, Andrew and the teacher!

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