Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground!

It's true, you do look like a fool with your pants on the ground....especially when they are around your ankles!
Yesterday I was hanging Payton's clothes in her closet and she was crawling around me.  She decided that she was ready to be held, and she was ready N.O.W.  I had my hands full of clothes attempting to hang them in the place they belong (yes, I know I am a freak, but it's easier to find what type of outfit you are looking for when they are all grouped together).  Anyways, Payton started to loose her mind and was now pulling up on me demanding to be picked up.  I refused.....I had to get this done and she is just 8 months old and not the boss of me...yet anyways.  So as she is pulling up on my legs she is pulling down my pants.  I start dancing around and lifting my legs to try and get all of  "pant falling" to stop, but to no avail.  She managed to pull my pants to the ground.  So there I stand in Payton's closet with my arms full of clothes and my pants on the ground.
To make the story even better.......
Later, Jesse was helping out and trying to get Payton her bottle.  She was tired and ready to go to bed.  She crawled over to him and again demanded to be held.  She began pulling up on his leg by pulling down his pants as well.  He got so tickled that he couldn't do anything and the more she pulled the more he laughed.  The pants kept coming down until there was full moon and full crack and we all know crack kills!  So to remedy the situation Jesse started spreading his legs to keep the pants up.  He looked like he was doing the splits before it was all said and done.  I really should have taken a picture!

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