Monday, April 5, 2010


I surrender!!  I don't know where I ever got the idea that this precious girl of mine was going to be my calm child.  Apparently it is molded in my kids DNA to see exactly how much they can get into.

I was busy with chores the other day and Sissy was crawling around the house.  I saw her go down the hall and I figured she was going to her bedroom to play.  I took a load of laundry to my bedroom and put it away and when I walked out I started to call Payton.  At first she didn't answer, and knowing from previous experience from the "Red's" that if it's quite somethings up.  So I called again...this time I got an UH...."Payton"...."UH".  So she gave away her location which was now in the kitchen.  When I walked to the kitchen I see a stream of toilet paper running from the 1/2 bath in the hallway to the kitchen.  I followed the stream to the bathroom and see she had been having a little fun for the few minutes she had to play.  Can you all pray for my sanity......she has gotten into more already than my boys did at this age.  I can't imagine what the next years will hold......probably a lot more stories!

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