Monday, May 10, 2010


Driving home on the way back from picking Andrew up from school the subject of talking to Santa Claus came up and lead to a really weird discussion.
It all started so innocent with the simple question of: "Mom, can I talk to Santa Claus like I pray to God".
"Um, NO....we just pray to God Andrew".
"But why, I want to talk to Santa Claus.....can he hear me if I just talk to him"
"sure"  (I couldn't think of another response).

  I am driving three kids and all three seem to be having their own conversations so it's a little tough for me to really zone into defense.

Andrew: "well, I want to talk to him about bringing me a spider, scorpion and snake...all with different cages for each of them".
Eli: "I want a duck"
Andrew: "you want a duck brother?"
Eli: "yes, I want a duck"
Andrew: "mom, I want a duck too......can we bring the ducks inside"
Me: "no"
Andrew: "but if they are outside they will fly away", "can I put them in my bath tub?"
Me: "No"
Andrew: "Why not?"
Me: "Because Andrew, they will poop in the water and get the tub really dirty"
Andrew: "well, I will just hold mine over the potty so he won't poop in the tub"

To that I had no response......

This is a picture of the 10 ducks that we did raise when we lived on the lake in Alabama......and they did live inside after an owl picked off 5 of was not so nice!   Gus didn't think so either...they would break out of their cage and head right toward his dog dish.  There we would find them swimming in his dog water and eating his dog food!  They were so little and you would see this huge lump in their throat where the dog food was....really funny.  They only lived inside until they were strong enough to survive the owl!

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