Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yogurt Parfait

You know those days when you go to the grocery store and you find something that taste and looks so good you can't wait for the opportunity to eat it. 
This morning I found myself at the local Kroger just picking up a few odds and ends.  I was starving and hadn't had the chance to eat breakfast.  Out of nowhere,  like an angel descending, comes a lady with a tray full of delicious looking parfaits.  Normally I'm not that big of a fan of parfait's, but today I just couldn't resist trying.  With one bite I was in love!  The cinnamon flavor of the granola, the fresh strawberries and the creamy sweet yogurt were in harmony and dancing on my taste buds.  I immediately went to the shelf and snatched two strawberry and one blueberry.  I thought these would make a perfect snack for my new diet.  I was so excited to have my afternoon snack today and was getting ready to go dive into my heaven when I was startled by a loud crash.  I was in the other room gathering laundry (daily task around here) when I hear this crash and a sound I can only relate to as a box of cereal being dumped out on the floor.  So the logical thing for me to ask was: "what was that?".  In return I received no again I asked "what was that?", but instead of waiting on a response I was on my way toward the crash.  What I found was this:  The refrigerator door wide open, Eli standing inside the fridge not moving and Payton on the floor.  Eli wanted cereal and decided that he would get it himself.  He had the bowl and the cereal poured and was now working on retrieving the milk from the fridge.  Right in front of the milk sat my lovely parfait's.  He had climbed into the fridge and was up on his toes pulling the milk from the shelf and slid my Parfait's right onto the floor...MY PARFAIT'S!!  My floor and refrigerator were covered in yogurt, granola, strawberries and blueberries.  He had managed to knock them both out of the fridge and the containers did not survive the crash.  Payton was scurrying around the floor trying as fast as she could to shove the granola in her mouth and Eli....well he was still frozen in the fridge.  I wish I could say that I shrugged it off and laughed...but I have been starving myself for a few days trying to eat right and shed just a few pounds and now my snack..MY snack the one I have wanted to eat all day was now spread across my floor like a cleaner.  So I cleaned up the mess (with Eli's help) and scrapped the little bit of Parfait that was remaining in the container, put it in a bowl and retreated to my blog to vent...I have to say I was feeling a little silly by getting upset about a parfait!
So there I was sitting at the computer fully intending to eat the very little that survived.  As I was typing Payton (sensing that I had something to eat) crawls over and pulls herself up on my chair.  She was now on her tiptoes and had her hands on the desks trying her hardest to see where the bowl of food was.  As I was distracted and into my typing she reaches up, grabs the bowl and dumps the remaining parfait that I had rescued all over her and all over the floor.  So much for my parfait :/

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