Sunday, May 16, 2010

Daddy's Care

This weekend I was singing at church and when I do this it is Jesse's responsibility to care for the kids.  He has to get them ready himself and get them to church, taking them each to their classes.  I always...Always, pick out their clothes ahead of time and lay them out for him.  If I don't do this there is no telling what my kids will walk in looking like (been there and done that...lesson learned).  This time being no different, I laid their clothes out and headed out the door.  I assumed that he would know who's was who's depending on the sizes. 
When church was over I went to the nursery to get Payton.  As I was walking out I noticed a small bow on the back of her dress.  I also noticed that her shoes were missing, but assumed that she had kicked them off in the nursery and they were in her bag.  As I looked closer at her dress I pulled back the front only to notice the tag was in the front...he had put the dress on her backward!  Laughing I walked in to find him and tell everyone I knew.  Jesse had gone to get the boys so when he walked up I was showing him and the boys came running up. Immediately I noticed that Andrew was wearing Eli's clothes and Eli was wearing Andrew's...this is including the shoes.  Eli looked like he had boats on his feet...they were so big on him.  When I told Jesse his response was...huh, I thought they looked big!  When we arrived at the car I saw Payton's shoes lying in the seat.  They never even made it on her poor feet!  Next time I think I will use labels and step by step directions for him!

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