Thursday, May 27, 2010

What's Next....

Many of you like to say..."what's next" when it comes to the life around the Richardson household.  So in honor of you guys that is the title of today's message! 
It hasn't been a bad week, just funny, crazy, weird and just a smidge stressful!  So let me get busy and catch everyone up!
Monday:  Well it was just a Monday and nothing really happened until Monday afternoon when the boys got home from school.  I was sitting at the kitchen table reading the mail when I see Eli walk in from outside with his underwear in one hand and pants in the other.  Some have said I shouldn't post this because it might embarrass Eli in the future, but after this week it's all fair game!  So....
"Eli, what are you doing and why are your pants off?"
"Because why Eli?"
"Because I poopy"
"Eli, why did you poopy in your pants?"
"Because I didn't make it in time"
"Eli, tell mommy the truth"
"Because I went the wrong way"

"Because I got lost"

"Eli, this is your last chance....tell me the truth right now"

So he didn't poop in his pants....he just pulled his pants down in the front yard and pooped like a dog in front of all our neighbors.....GREAT!

Tuesday:  I guess you could say that Eli was really feeling like the middle child and needed some extra attention.  At least this is what I told myself when  on Tuesday afternoon he called for me to come and look at something.  He sounded almost excited and couldn't wait for me to come see what he had done.  So I went to find him sitting about halfway down the stairs with something in his hands.  I said "Eli, what is that?" and at that moment I recognized what "that" was.  It was my rice container that I had just filled up a few days prior, only now it wasn't full anymore.  There was rice all down the the basement...and on the pool table.  Logical question: "Eli, why did you do that?".  Logical answer:  "because".  I didn't even bother with the back and forth game....I just got the vacuum out and got busy cleaning.
Right about the time I finished vacuuming up the rice I hear a deafening scream coming from the back porch.  I ran outside to find Andrew in shambles screaming, crying and holding his foot.  Uncle Steve was visiting us so he had Andrew in his arms and told me that Andrew had a splinter.  I'm thinking...a splinter...Andrew is crying this hard over a splinter...geez!  As you all know Andrew is that kid that if something weird is going to happen it will be to him.  He also is very tough and doesn't ever cry when he gets hurt....unless he is really hurt.  So when I turned his foot over and saw the splinter I knew why he was screaming.  The splinter was in a wedge shape and had gone in one side on the pad of his foot and came out about an inch down.  The top part of the splinter was the largest part and it was embedded under the skin so deep that you couldn't reach it with tweezers.  The bottom end was like a needle poking out and it was in there deep.  Try as I might the thing wouldn't budge so I made the decision to take him to the doctor and have them remove it.  May I remind everyone that he had not stopped screaming yet and didn't stop until we arrived at the doctor....and he was still whimpering then.  This picture does not even do it justice and the darker spot at the top is way under the skin so even though it looks like I could just yank it out, I couldn't.
We got into the doctor's office and the doctor could not get it to budge and Andrew was screaming and finally the doctor stopped.  He looks at me and says "well, that is quite a splinter and it looks like it has barbed and splintered down inside the foot.  I'm going to send you down to Kosair's ER(our children's hospital) to get it removed."  I'm've got to be kidding's just a splinter!  So off we go to Kosair's and when we arrived they take us right back.  The doctor comes in and takes a look and says the same thing as the last doctor, "wow, that's a big splinter"!  So the game plan was to put numbing gel on it for an hour and then remove it.  Normally they only leave the numbing gel on for 30 mins, but the pad of your foot is really difficult to get numb so they left it on for over an hour.  After the hour was up we went to the procedure room where they wrapped Andrew like a mummy in sheets and strapped him to the bed.  Andrew looks at me and says "mommy, is it going to hurt again?" and I say "no baby, they put the special medicine on it so it won't hurt".......I will live to regret those words!  I should have known when the doctor didn't offer any words of comfort after I had said this that it was still going to hurt.  So the doctor is at the foot, the nurse is hovering over his legs and I am at his head talking to him when all of a sudden the screaming begins.  The foot was already sore from the other doctor poking at it and now this doctor is trying to cut the skin and dig the splinter out.  I have never heard my son scream and cry like he did that night.  Shear pain and he screamed so hard that he busted every blood vessel in his face an neck.  By the time it was over...probably 10 min.....there were three nurses on top of him and I was lying across his chest.  He was breaking out of the restraints and it took all of us to hold him down.  The doctor said "he has got to be one of the strongest kids I've ever met".  Everyone felt so sorry for him and knew how bad it hurt.  The doctor felt 50/50 that he had gotten it all and sent us to x-ray to make sure.  If there was some left in there we would have had to have surgery to get it removed.  I joked and said "no big deal, we'll be up here tomorrow morning at 6 am with my daughter for surgery...we can just run from room to room".  Thankfully the x-ray came back clean and we left with a big box of toys that they gave him for being so brave!  At this point it is just a wait and see game to make sure nothing is still in there.  If it starts swelling then we will have to do the surgery thing.  He said the x-ray might not have picked up on the small foreign objects, aka "splinter". 

Wednesday:  Payton had a lingual hernia that needed to be fixed so we were scheduled for surgery.  We left the house at 5:30 to arrive at the hospital at 6:00. 
Everything went great and she came through the surgery and recovery without a hitch! As we were sitting in the waiting room I leaned over to Jesse and said: "I think we need to be done having kids...I can't deal with much more of this stuff!"  I can handle most anything but when it comes to my kids health.....well I think you can all understand!
We arrived home around 10:30 and she slept for most of the day!

After I had got her to sleep that evening I decided that I would go and plant the plants that I had ordered.  They had arrived that day and I wanted to get them in the ground asap!  I had planted 3 of 9 when I went to fill up my bucket with water.  I was planting in the back yard and the faucet is on the back side of the house.  I put my bucket up there and cut on the water and just happened to look down and see this:

Needless to say I threw my bucket and ran screaming like a little girl!  Jesse came out and decided to be the crocodile hunter.  He wanted a picture with it so he spent the next 30 minutes chasing the snake down and trying to pick it up. 

 Yes...he is crazy...but I love him!
So that's it...poop, rice, splinter, hernia surgery and snake.....SO WHAT'S NEXT?  It's just Thursday after all! BRING IT!

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  1. good grief girl! needless to say i am adding you guys to the prayer list at church! :)


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