Monday, May 17, 2010

Lord, please help me!

Last night after I finished bathing Payton I put the boys in the shower and took Payton back to her room to get her ready for bed.  I dressed her in her jammie's and put her in the floor to play.  She immediately got busy playing with her toys. I quickly walked to our bathroom to check on the boys in the shower and walked straight back to Payton.  When I left her she was in the floor playing...when I returned this is what I found:

This is Payton on the top bunk of the boys bunk beds.  Let me clarify that I did not leave her up there to go and get my camera to take this picture.......I took her down first and then rein acted!  What I actually found was her crawling back and forth on the mattress.  As you can imagine my heart leapt out of my chest!  I had just walked down the hall and then right back, not even a minute!  She crawled over to the boys room which is directly across the hall from hers and climbed right up the bunk bed stairs.  Here's a picture of the stairs:
Needless to say I felt like Mother of the year!  The first words out of my mouth were: "Thank you Lord for keeping her safe"....the next sentence "Lord, please HELP me deal with this child!".  All at the age of 10 months....seriously another dare devil...that's all I needed!  Gray hairs here you come!

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