Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life Lessons

As we sat down for dinner the phone rang.  Jesse's brother had called to let us know that their beloved wiener dog wobbles had died.  Jesse thought this would be a great opportunity to teach the boys a "life" lesson.  So Jesse says: "boys, do you remember Uncle Mike and Aunt Melissa's dog wobbles?"  They both said yes and nodded in between taking bites out of their hot dog.  "Well, wobbles died today", Immediately their little ears perked up and you could see the questions swarming their brains.  Eli started in first: "what happened to him daddy?  Did he eat a lot of food and die?".  Andrew: "did his belly hurt and make him die?".  I don't think Jesse was expecting all these questions so fast and they were zipping them at him as quick as they could take breaths.  So finally Jesse interrupts them and tries to get on with his lesson.  "Andrew, do you want to call Uncle Mike and tell him that you are sorry?".  With this Andrew gets this panic stricken face and yells out "WHY?  I DIDN'T DIE HIM!".
Lesson over....
He thought we were saying that he did it and he was having to call and say he was sorry. :o)

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  1. Ah, life lessons for parents... choose your words carefully!! They will be turned around and used against you.


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