Friday, June 4, 2010

Special Ointment

The last day of school was on Tuesday so I decided to load all the kids (and both dogs..yes I'm crazy) up and head to Grandma and Grandman's house.  We love to come down during the summer because they live on a lake and we can swim and just relax!  The only down side to coming to Alabama is the fire ants!  It has been so wonderful living in Louisville where there are no fire ants to worry with.  But in Birmingham they are everywhere and deliver a sting like a wasp.  Then they leave a nice lump behind that itches for days like a mosquito bite.  Andrew is just the slightest bit allergic to them.  His bites usually swell up a good portion the the area he was bitten in and leave a hard knot behind. 
When we arrived down here on Tuesday afternoon my first words upon walking up to the door was: "boys, do NOT get into the fire ant beds".  A little while later the boys were in the front yard playing and they started poking sticks at this one:
I again tell them that they better stay away because they will get stung.  To this Andrew and Eli laugh and say "we already did, and it didn't hurt".  I remind Andrew that he is allergic and that his foot will now swell up and itch......and he responds: "I don't care".  "Alright then.....we shall see, just remember mommy told you so".  Everything is alright until later that evening when the itching really kicks in.  Eli's bite seems to be just fine, but just as I suspected....Andrew's is giving him fits!  He begs for some medicine and Grandman goes off to find something to put on it.  I was in the other room and didn't realize what my crazy father had gotten until later.  This morning my dad leans over and picks up a tube of medicine and hands it to me snickering.  He says "this is what I used to put on Andrew's bite....I think I will wait until he's older to tell him what I did".  My dad has always been a prankster....always!
So when I looked down to the tub of medicine in my hand this is what I found:

Yes...that's right, he put Monistat on my son's foot!

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