Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Molasses, Lasagna, Chicken & Bunk Beds

Yesterday was just one of those days where all the kids were into everything.  Payton started it all off early in the afternoon when she decided that it was time to start climbing on everything....everything!  She somehow managed to wiggle herself up on the end tables by the couch and was standing on it when I caught her.  I think I pulled her off of there 3 times yesterday.  Then she scooted down the hall to the boys room and ascended the stairs to the bunk beds again!  I was busy cooking and I heard her laughing and my first thought was that she was up on top of the bunk beds again.  She was mighty proud of herself and she kept going back there and climbing up.  I would shut their door and some how the door would end up open and up she would go.  I pulled her down 5 times before I put another gate up in the kitchen to block her.  She then got into my pantry and pulled out the molasses (for those of you who don't know what this is...it is like a dark honey with a stronger flavor).  I left her be, because it's a jar and I knew she couldn't get into it.........yeah, I was wrong.  She managed to open the jar lid and stick her hand down in the jar.  She had sticky molasses all over her and the floor.  Luckily I saw her while she was trying to drink it! 
Thanks Belle for all your help!

After I got her cleaned up I ran downstairs to tell Jesse and when I returned I found something missing.  You see, we had company coming over to eat with us and I had been slaving away on lasagna for about an hour trying to get it ready to go into the oven.  I had just finished putting the top layer of cheese on it when Payton had gotten into the Molasses.  So I had made the decision to run downstairs before placing it in the oven.  I had just been gone a minute....just long enough to tell Jesse about his crazy daughter and run back up.  What was missing was a bite out of my lasagna and a very guilty looking Lab scampering away as fast as she could.  Don't worry....I cut out the part that was eaten by the dog and fixed it up again.  I guess it was a good thing I was only gone a minute......
Later that evening after we had finished up dinner the boys decided that they wanted the chicken that was left over.  So they ran into the kitchen and disappeared into their room.  I was busy entertaining and didn't think much of it until later that evening when I was tucking them into bed.  The thought then occurred to me that there was a lot of chicken left and they couldn't have eaten it all.  So I asked:
"Boys, did you guys eat all that chicken you brought back here?". 
Andrew answered "Yes".......um.....mom, what happens if I lie?". 
"Well Andrew, if you lie you will get a spanking......did you eat all that chicken?". 
"No, we didn't eat it all". 
"Okay, what did you do with it then?". 
"We threw it all around"
"You did what?  Where did you throw it?"
"behind the bunk bed"
You have to understand that the bunk beds we have are all attached and have a built in stair case that has an unreachable place behind them.....and that is where they put the chicken.  Luckily our friends were still here to help Jesse move the bunk beds out a little so I could retrieve the 5 pieces of chicken that were stuffed behind them. 
I would like to say thank you to my three loving children who keep my life interesting!


  1. O my gosh, Joy! No wonder you are so skinny....you are always running around! LOL

  2. You have such a positive outlook!!!

  3. Joy B---now you know how your sweet momma felt every day with the 3 Musketeers.

  4. Your kids were born knowing how to unscrew a lid and open a kid-proof ANYTHING!


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