Sunday, June 20, 2010


Do you know what I love about living in Louisville?  That would be fresh corn!  There is an abundance of fresh sweet corn around here in the summer time.  Last night I picked some up and cooked it for supper.  Payton just loves the stuff and she ended up eating three pieces of corn herself.  We joked saying that, that wasn't going to be a nice diaper to change.  This morning was Father's Day and just like clock work Payton needed her diaper changed first thing in the morning.  Since it was Father's Day I felt almost an obligation...(a sense of duty, if I may) to allow Jesse to change this diaper.  I was busy with breakfast and casually asked if he wouldn't mind changing her.....and of course the "OH MY" that came from Jesse's mouth was just enough to humor me throughout the morning!  Happy Father's Day....from Payton!

Later we set the water slide up and the boys were busy playing.  I also set Payton's baby pool up and put it close to our feet.  She came out after her nap and crawled right in with her clothes and diaper on.  I pulled all this off of her and just left her naked for a few minutes.  She was climbing in and out of the pool and we heard this loud poot.  We started laughing until we looked down and saw a pile of corn at our much for just a poot!  I have to say it made us laugh a little harder...and no I will not post a picture of that!

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