Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top 10 Moments

In honor of our 10 year anniversary I am compiling a list of our top 10 funniest moments.  I decided to do the funniest moments because that is the foundation of our marriage...humor.  With Jesse's quick wit and my clumsy awkwardness we make for an interesting pair.  So to get things kicked off I will start with #10:

Engagement Day

Jesse had planned a trip for us to take up to Chicago with the rouse being that it was his College's Homecoming.  So off we went on a Thursday afternoon from Birmingham to Chi-town.  This was my first trip up to Chicago and I was very excited.  Friday we milled around the city seeing the sights and taking in a few museums and eating our weight in some classic Chicago style pizza! 
 Saturday, October 9th, 1999 was Homecoming at Jesse's alma mater Northern Illinois University.  Jesse was so happy and proud to introduce me to all his college buddies and to show me around campus.  We even went and ate at a restaurant that still had a picture of him pitching up on the wall (he was some what of a legend there....greatest pitcher least that's what he told me). 
We all hung out for a while and Jesse takes my hand and tells me he wants to take me to see the baseball field where he had played.  So we start walking and I am noticing that he is being extremely sweet.  Don't get me wrong....he's always sweet (um...maybe not) but he was almost being over the top and acting a little nervous.  I had no clue what was going on and was wondering what the heck was wrong with him.  We walked up to the field and he unlatches the back gate (he had made arrangements for them to keep the field open for him).  As we walked through the back field up to the pitchers mound he starts his pre-planned speech.  We were standing right in the middle of the pitchers mound when he got to the important part. I can't remember word for word but I'll do the best I can:
"Joy, baseball use to be the most important thing in my life, but I have come to realize that now you are the most important thing to me and...."
this is where I stopped him in mid sentence because I was so distracted.  I had heard most of what he had said, but for the most part I had been starring at this large black nose hair that had made its way out his nose and was sticking out and curled around the outside of his nostril.  So I said:
"wait, you have a nose hair, let me get it"
and with this said I then reach up and start to grab it when he bats my hand away and gets a  little frustrated and says:
"Joy, I don't care about that...stop"
I am still oblivious to what is happening at this point, but I am a little miffed that he won't let me get this distracting nose hair off his face.  He starts up again:
"Joy, I love you"
"I love you too Jesse"

He finally regained his composure and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.  He got down on one knee right in the middle of the pitchers mound (nose hair and all) and asked me to be his wife, and of course I said YES!

He was expecting tears, but for all you that know me when I get a little nervous I tend to laugh...a lot, and that is what I did.....laugh...but a very happy laugh!

P.S.  I did get that nose hair!

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