Thursday, July 1, 2010

#9 & #8 Wedding Day!

I thought I would combine these since they happened on the same day.

  Tissue Please

Jesse and I were married on Saturday July 8th, 2000.  It was such a great day and everything was running smoothly.  I was the wedding planner and I didn't really have time to relish the moment until the doors of the church opened and my Dad looks at me and says "it's time".   
With that we both take a step forward and before I knew what hit me tears were streaming down my face.  We are not talking about pretty tears either....nope I had entered into what I like to describe as "the ugly cry".  Try as I might, I could not get a hold of myself and with each step my face became more and more disturbing.  I'm just going to chalk it up to all the stress being relieved at once....or just being a women (because we are allowed).  Finally we descended upon the stage and the tears slowed...but only for a few moments.
In my plans for my wedding I had decided that I wanted my Father to perform our vows.  He is a minister still (card carrying and all) so I thought how perfect, sweet and personal it would be.  What I hadn't counted on is how emotional it would be also.  Most of you know that I was in a really bad car accident  when I was 18 years old that nearly took my life (a story for another time) and this accident really affected my family.  So at our wedding my Father goes into this amazing  script of just how precious I am to him.  You can imagine my response....more ugly crying. 
I thought however that I was a very prepared bride.  I was sure that I had thought of everything....even wrapping a tissue around my bouquet...genius!  So every now and then I would unwrap the tissue and dab my eyes and cheeks. 
We wrapped the service up and Jesse and I walked arm in arm down the aisle and out the church doors for a quick picture on the church porch.  When we exited the photographer started snapping away and Jesse stops and says "wait a minute....let me get this".  He reaches over to my face and pulls a chunk of tissue off of it!  I had gone the whole service with this stupid tissue on the side of my face and no one helped me out...including my new husband!  Did I happen to mention that the tissue was BLUE! 

  Excuse Me I Have an Announcement

So after the reception Jesse and I got ready to leave.  We survived all the bird seed that was thrown our way and ran to the car.  When we got to the car we noticed that my brothers had done a piece of work on it.  It was wrapped in plastic wrap with shaving cream all over.  While Jesse was busy unwrapping the car I huddled up with my girlfriends and we were just gabbing away oblivious to what or who was around us.  Someone said something referring to our "wedding night" and I said "I can't wait...I get to have *a marital moment* with Jesse tonight" and with that I hear behind me ......"what are you going to do tonight?". When I turned around I see my beloved father standing right behind me and he heard everything we had said.  Okay, we all know he knew what was going to happen...but I was still so embarrassed!

p.s.  One year later Jesse ended up with a sinus infection.  He went to the doctor and they took a look in his ears.  The nurse looked at Jesse and said, "did you know you have what looks to be a pop corn kernel in your ear".  Astonished Jesse said "no way".  She squirted some fluid up in his ear and out comes a bird seed!  When everyone was throwing the birdseed at us at the wedding some of it got in his ear and traveled all the way down the bizarre!


  1. Ok. There was a little more to that conversationt than a "marital moment" and I distinctly remember your precious mother standing there when I turned around. I could have died. I mean I know she is the mother of 3 kids, but I never thought she would here us talking about such things. CLASSIC.
    My best memory is of your wedding is the rehersal night when I was in cold sweat, right before the food poison really kicked in. I get the award for the worst looking 'bridesmaid" ever.

  2. I remember what I was WEARING at your wedding, Joy B.!! And I also remember your rehearsal dinner at Shanghai haha. I was in 7th grade I think, but it was a great day...I am so glad that you and Jesse and are truly blessed, girl, and we are all proud of you!


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