Friday, July 23, 2010


Over the past month or so Andrew has been having some pretty nasty nightmares that make him so terrified that he is afraid to go to sleep at night.  After talking with the doctor and trying some new things he thinks that Andrew has an over active imagination.  So over the past 3 nights before Andrew goes to sleep we pray with him and ask Jesus to help him not have any bad dreams and it's worked. 
Today while driving home from the store Andrew kept asking to play with my phone to which I told him no.  After a while he says "toy story 3 scares me" (he lured me in perfectly).  To which I answer "what are you talking about and why are you thinking about that right now?". 
(side note)*Jesse had taken the boys to see Toy Story 3 and Andrew got so scared from the freaky toys that he jumped up, put his hands over his ears, and ran out screaming.  Jesse wasn't happy about this at all and couldn't believe he got so freaked out so they ended up leaving the movie early*

So he answers "the movie toy scares me when Buzz is bad and it gives me bad dreams".  So I start telling him that the movie is just fantasy and not real and not to let it scare him.  He then looks at me and with a quivering little voice says "I think playing on your phone will make me feel better". 
Nicely played Andrew...very clever, very clever indeed!

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