Sunday, July 4, 2010

#6 Gus's Attack

# 6  Gus's Attack

A month after Jesse and I were married we decided to get a wiener dog.  We were so proud of this dog and loved him like a he was our child.  We named him Gus after my favorite hot dog stand in AL.  We had all kinds of toys for him and he loved to play with any kind of stuffed animal especially the fuzzy kind.
At my lingerie party my girlfriends thought it would be funny to get me something a little crazy.  What kind of lingerie party would it have been if there wasn't at least one thing that embarrassed me.  So the garment they picked out was pink and fuzzy...very fuzzy and the fuzzy parts get the picture. 
The first time I ever put it on Gus just so happened to be on the bed with Jesse sleeping.  I wasn't quite sure how the "outfit" would be received, because it was quite funny to look at.  I came into the bedroom with the "outfit" on and Jesse erupts into laughter.  When he started laughing it woke Gus up and he immediately lunges at me and grabs part of the fuzziness.  He had mistaken my "outfit" for one of his toys and was ready to play.  Jesse is now on the floor crying laughing and I am trying my best to get the dog off of me.  Needless to say the "outfit" never came out of the drawer again.

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