Friday, July 2, 2010

# 7 The Great Mouse Hunt

The Great Mouse Hunt

When Jesse and I first married we bought a small house on the lake.  We loved our little cottage and it fit us perfectly!  Jesse was in heaven and fished almost every night.  The only problem with the house was that it was only one bedroom.  Whenever we had company we had to put an air mattress up in the living room.  So we decided to build onto the house.....we basically built a whole other house and attached it.  The existing house was not going to be touched until the other side was framed and window and doors were in.  At that point they would take down the wall between the two houses.  Jesse and I were still living in the small house, but when that wall came down everything changed.  Separating the houses was a large heavy duty plastic sheet so as you can imagine small things like critters could pass back and forth. 

So one night we were lying in bed watching t.v. and we see a mouse (a very small mouse) run across the floor and behind the computer desk.  Underneath the desk was a book shelf that was built in and the mouse was behind all those books.  Jesse gets on the floor (lying on his side) on the side of the desk and I am in front.  He gets the bright idea that I should push the books in and scare the mouse out and he will trap it.  So I do as I am told and I push the books all the way back with one quick push.  But instead of the mouse running out and into the entrapment it ran straight for Jesse, right up his leg and onto his chest.  Again, I wish I had a slow motion button because the movements and child like screams that came from my manly husband were almost too much to take.  He screamed louder than any woman I have ever heard and jumped up dancing around and brushing his chest with his hands repeatedly.  Talk about your snot laugh....I was on the ground gasping for breath immobile from the pain of laughter.  We would be millionaire's if I had that exact moment on tape. 
We moved out the next night.....Jesse couldn't take the thought of the mouse coming after him again! ; )

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