Monday, July 5, 2010

# 5 Grease



I don't know if this one is that funny or just more embarrassing for Jesse and I.....either way, here it is!

Our old church in Alabama use to host a night that we all would perform skits and it was called "Night of the Stars".  It was always so funny to see everyone dress up and make fools of themselves.  One year the director of the event came up to us and begged....yes begged us to perform a skit....from Grease, "You're the One That I want".  It took a little convincing but we finally agreed. If you know Jesse you know that he never does anything halfway so we were going for the GOLD! We got the movie and watched it again to get the moves down and learned the song so we could lip sing.  We practiced endlessly...which is funny in itself!  We also went out and found outfits to wear. 
You know that gut churning feeling when you are about to make a fool of yourself and you know it, but can't do a thing about it...yeah, that's how we felt.  Even sitting here writing this my stomach is turning just thinking of how ridiculous we looked in front of all those people!
The night of the event we got ready and waited our turn.  Something happened to my husband and he transformed into a stage hog!  We went out, the lights came up and the music started and Jesse was "ON"!  I got tickled somewhere in the middle and started laughing.  At the end of the song Jesse does something we had not practiced at all....he picks me up like holding a baby and acts like I am breaking his back...lots  of laughs...thanks for that!  Then as we are walking off stage...HE SLAPPED MY BUTT....right in front of the whole church!  I immediately turned eight shades of red and wanted to climb under something.  He was so wrapped up in everything that he completely forgot where he was.  We did not get asked back the next year....but it might be because we moved....we will never know : )  Only because I love you all so much is the ONLY reason I am sharing this picture with you and again my heart is pounding with mortification!


  1. This skit was one of the best we ever had. We LOVED it! In fact, we just watched it again the other night. We love and miss you guys!
    Love, Tanya :)

  2. Bwahahahahaaa!!! How is it I have never heard this before?! Those pictures are hilarious!!!


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