Friday, July 30, 2010


I don't know what it is about my kids but they are dumpers.  They dump everything out.....everything!  It all started with Andrew dumping out his issy (sippy cup).  He would hold it upside down and mush the top against something and out would come the milk.  Then he figured out how to open things and dump on Eli's head, carpet, couch, etc...... 
Eli just joined along and helped out.  Eli's not so much a dumper as an accomplice.  Payton, however is another dumper......bottle, cups, and her favorite dog water!

Almost everyday she dumps it out no matter how many times she gets in trouble.  I've even tried moving it to different places around the house. 

I have shared a lot on this blog about my dumping kids so here are just a few photos of their best dumps.

 This would be syrup
 on Eli's head
the culprit
What you don't see is my couch, rug and ottoman that they poured the syrup on also.......the whole bottle!

 I think this is oregano
again the culprit

more goldfish

Let's not forget the 5 lb bag of sugar and the bag of flour

more salt


I didn't get pictures of them all so here's a list of just a few (I cannot emphasize the word 'few' strong enough) of the ones I missed:
dawn dish soap in the carpet
lotion dumped on the carpet
3 + bottles of shampoo on the carpet and lathered up on each other's head
dumped buckets of water out onto the carpet
dumped glue out on Jesse's mounted bobcat
and the worst:  Desitin on carpet...the whole tube.

Remember these are just the dumping stories...I have a whole other list of how many times I've had to call a plumber or times they've flooded the bathrooms and basement.

I have to say though....they are a lot of fun!  Looking through these pictures made me laugh even if I wasn't laughing at the time. 

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  1. You seriously should write a book!!!! Your life with your children is so entertaining!!


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