Wednesday, July 7, 2010

#2 First Anniversary

First Anniversary

On our 1st Anniversary I really wanted it to be special and I was a little bummed that the whole day had passed and we hadn't done a thing.  I begged Jesse to take me out somewhere but our anniversary had landed on Sunday and he was adamant that we go to church that night.  So I tucked my tail between my legs and went feeling a little sorry for myself.  I have to say that I was upset and pouting by the time we left church and headed home with nothing planned.  I am a very sentimental person and I love to celebrate birthdays, holidays and especially anniversary''s just who I am.  Jesse on the other hand could care less...for him, it's just another day. 
However, I think he knew how important this day was to me and wanted to make it special.  When we drove up our driveway I could see something out on our pier.  He had planned everything out and had some of our friends come and decorate the pier and set up a romantic dinner out by the water.  There were candles everywhere and dinner was on the table waiting for us.  Only, Jesse had wanted to get food from the restaurant we had our rehearsal dinner and when our friends got was closed!  So they improvised and went somewhere else, and it was wonderful.  Everything was so nice and romantic until about halfway through dinner a boat comes rolling up with the trolling motor.  We see a guy just fishing away on our shore paying no attention to us or our table and candles.  Then he starts fishing our pier...THE ONE WE ARE SITTING ON!  Jesse and I just look at each other like you have got to be kidding me!  Then Jesse says "you having much luck"?  With this the guy sees the green light to park his boat and have a 20 minute conversation with Jesse about fishing.....mostly the guy talking, but Jesse didn't discourage!  My Romantic dinner was ruined and I am just baffled that someone could be that oblivious to what is happening even with Jesse telling the guy it was our first anniversary! 
Finally the guy goes away and we get our year old cake out.  Let me just say that whoever came up with the tradition of freezing your wedding cake and eating it a year later is nuts with no taste buds...GROSS!  We spit it out and I was left to clean up the mess.....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY!  I might be exaggerating the last part, I'm sure Jesse took the table in ; )
It was the thought that counted....right?????

So this is the only picture I could find of our pier.  Pay no attention to the dog dressed in the Santa suit!

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