Friday, July 9, 2010


The other day I took Payton to the surgeon's office for her check up just to make sure everything was healing nicely.  She had to have a hernia repair about a month ago.  Anyways, it's summer time so I had all three kids with me.  I threatened Andrew and Eli (like any good mom would do) to be on their best behavior or else.  So here we all go down the hall and into the room.  After a few minutes in walks the doctor/surgeon looking pristine!  So he takes a look at Payton and gives her the thumbs up and then turns to "the red's" who are both sitting quietly on a chair together.  He says "hey, I remember you guys from the last visit, do you remember me?".  Eli quickly answers "yes", and then the Doctor says "you do, well then what is my name (trying to be cute)".  Eli apparently picks up on the playful manner and answers "DR. POOTER".  And with that I say "Eli" and before I can continue Andrew and Eli begin chanting in unison "Dr. Pooter, Dr. Pooter, Dr. Pooter..HA HAHAHHAA".  I was mortified and the Dr. gave a smirk and was on his way.  I quickly scurried out of there reminding the boys the whole way that that was not his name and to stop saying it.  As we walked out of the office into the hallway toward the elevator we met face to face with the doctor again who was trying to get on the same elevator we were.  In my mind I am saying, "OH NO", but it's too late, the doors open and he waves me and my three kids in where they again start chanting "Dr. Pooter, Dr. Pooter, Dr. Pooter, Dr. Pooter, Dr. Pooter...HAHAHHAA, Dr. Pooter, Dr. Pooter, HAHAHAHA".  I apologize and try to regain control of my boys to no avail.  Finally the doors open and off the Dr. runs to do important surgeon stuff like save lives and POOT!

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  1. The doctor actually pooted?!

    You have the most hysterical life! I love it!!

    I got to see "The Reds" at the movies Wednesday night. Marty and I were there to see Grownups when this familiar face of a man with two little redheaded boys came up next to us. Funny I immediately recognized them even though I'd never met them! All I could think of was the snot funny stories you had blogged about all week!! Good looking family girl!!


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