Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Super Glue

You all know that I love my husband dearly, but sometimes I wonder what the heck is wrong with him!  The other day Jesse was busy down in his shop turning duck calls.  When he completes one he uses this special glue (aka....glorified super glue) to put a nice shine finish on it.  I just happen to walk down the stairs and see my husband grab his eye and he looked to be in pain.  I asked him what was wrong and he said he got the glue in his eye.  A million questions start crossing my mind, but I push them aside for now and tell him he needs to go and wash his eye out.  I push him toward the sink and start firing questions away.  It would seem that he opened the glue and it was a little clogged so he took off his safety goggles and started messing with the bottle when all of a sudden glue shoots up and lands right directly on his eyeball...talk about your luck!  So I tell him that I am taking him to the emergency room and with this I meet resistance.  He's a man, he can handle it....but I persist until he gives in or the burning in his eye takes over and knocked some sense into him.  We get in the car and the boys are zinging questions at him like "are you going to die" and stuff like that.  Then Eli (wise beyond his years) says, "daddy, you should have been wearing your glasses"....yes Eli, he should have been wearing his glasses...lesson learned!  After seeing the doctor they wash his eye out and numbed it to look around.  The piece of glue had dislodged itself and made it's way out of his eye...WHEW!  So Jesse and his eye are both fine, however, he did pout a lot that afternoon and wanted to be babied!

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