Saturday, July 24, 2010

Testimony Time!

On this very day, July 24, 2010, 13 years ago I had my life changing experience. Many of you already know my story and have heard my testimony. You may also know how difficult it is for me to tell or write it because I feel I can never do justice or clarify just how amazing God is and what he has done. Today's testimony is a bit different.......however if you haven't heard my personal testimony and would like to read it just go to my next blog.

As the years pass I tend to forget my trials and get trapped in day to day routines. This year I have had this nagging inside where I feel like I am missing something.......feeling a bit useless. A few months ago we had a sermon at church called "I was made for this". It really struck a chord with me and I have tormented myself with the question of "what was I made to do?". As I prayed for God's guidance I was flooded with *ideas* of what I was made for and more importantly for me....what He kept me alive for (not being morid but after being at deaths door you can't help but wonder why you were saved).

First, I was made to be a mother...the greatest responsibility of all. We (mothers) are leading and guiding our children every day and shaping them into the adults they will become. This hit hard for me the other day as we were driving and I was listening to the song "are you washed in the blood". Andrew perked up and said "mom, what does that mean?". My first thought was: please oh please.....not the blood am I suppose to explain this? So I countered "Andrew, what does what mean?" my relief he answered "are we washed in Jesus". I explained to them and reminded them about Jesus dying for our sins and with this Andrew asked "what are sins?". So I went into the sin explanation and told them that sin is when we do bad things that God doesn't like and how we have to ask Jesus into our hearts and he will take all the sin away. When I said these words Eli said "mom, I want Jesus in my heart". Just writing these words makes me tear up all over again. I know he is too young to fully grasp the situation, but to have God stirring in his heart already just fills me up more than I can stand. So I was made to be a mother and to experience the wonderfulness of God's love through their eyes.

Second, I was made to sing God's praises. I'm not saying I'm the best singer out there, what I am saying is I feel the closeness between myself and God when I open my mouth and sing His praise. There is something magical when you open your soul and let God's love flood in through music. Anytime I have ever been in a trial, what has gotten me through is music. Years ago when I recorded my cd, I only chose songs that helped heal, helped strengthen, and helped me preserve.  My prayer was that others would use the words of the songs to help them as well.  I love to sing and lead people through I was made to sing.

Finally,  and greatest of all.....I was made to love. Corny I know, but it's the truth. God's greatest commandment is to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength", also "we must love our neighbor as ourselves. I do...I love you, the person behind this screen....and the greatest thing of all is God loves you matter where you are, and no matter where you've been and no matter what you've done....HE LOVES YOU and he wants you to be His child forever!
It's as simple as Eli just have to want Jesus in your life and ask Him in your heart.  He will make you a New Creation!

CHALLENGE:  What were you made for?  Take a few minutes and think about that question.  I am asking you to do me a favor and below this blog please post a response to this question.  I have faith in you guys so help me out on this!
Please post whatever comes to your mind when you think about this statement:


  1. I know I am not able to do much for people in terms of travel, but I do think I was made to pray. For anyone, and everyone, those that ask for it, and those that do not. I know from my own experiences how powerful prayer is and how close to God prayer brings you.
    And I was also made to be a Mom. Nothing makes my heart happier than for the boys to ask about God and praise Him and sing His songs.

  2. Beautiful writing Joy! What a great reminder you have of God's ability. It IS a miracle.
    I wonder sometimes what in the world I was put here for. I struggle a great deal with wondering if there is anything significant at all about this life. I think we all want to have a powerful testimony like yours. I have seen my share of miracles. But MY purpose is a harder question to answer. Sometimes, I think I was made to just be 'in process' my whole life. Hopefully, there will be a collective pattern of faith that turns up. I think I was made to give birth to Ryan Hater and raise and love and nurture him...even right now when at 17 that seems like the last thing he needs or wants. Sometimes I think I was made to be a constant example of what not to everyone else can feel better about themselves. As for any special ability, like singing, opportunities for that come and go. Sometimes they present themselves and then the season comes when they are not used. So I am not sure I was MADE to do it...although I have loved it my whole life.
    I believe we are all given something by God that only He could plant deep inside us and we must work at allowing that to work through us. When you hit a certain age, you find yourself desparately seeking that part of you again. That is where I am.

  3. Joy, I'm enjoying reading your blog. Do you remember us singing we were very little Jesus loves me in front of everyone at church. They would have to give us 2 mics because we wouldn't share. This brought back that memory for me. I think I was made to love and be a mother to not just my own kids but to all of their friends and to the many kids and college kids at church. I have had the extreme pleasure of being a home opener at our church for SAGU students in need of a place to call home. 1st for someone that needed a place for a short time till the next semester and then over the summer for an intern at our church that couldn't afford to stay on campus and now I get to help that same student again. It fills my heart to hear him call my house his home and Rob and I his second family. Lucky for us we get to hear that a lot from the students we serve with at our church. It took moving to Texas to find out what I was made for but I'm sure glad I did.


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