Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Day at the Aquarium

This past weekend we decided to drive up to Cinncinati/Newport and take the kids to the Aquarium.  We have been several times, but this would be Sissy Lou's first time!
We started off by eating at Johnny Rocket's and filled up on some awesome hamburgers and chili cheese fries.....YUM!!!  The Red's were pumped and ready to see some SHARKS!
Here is just a few pictures of our trip:
This is Sissy Lou getting fired up about the fish in the tunnel
She is showing us where to look:
 Telling her Daddy to come here
 Eli just saw a SHARK!!!!!
 Me and my baby girl
 Eli and Sissy Lou with the GIANT SQUID..AAAHHHHH!!!! Andrew was too scared to come near it!
 Getting excited again about some fish!
 This is the face of "I'm so excited I just can't stand it"!
 Notice my kids are not looking at the camera....that's because there is a video game to the side that Eli is playing!  We tried everything to get them to look, but they were locked in!
 Andrew with his pals the jelly's
 My family!
We had a blast and enjoyed seeing Sissy's face light up with pure joy every time she discovered something new.  The only picture I wish I would have taken is watching Payton refuse to go over the glass floor with fish freaked her out completely! 

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