Friday, October 29, 2010

Mr. Casanova!

Today was the first field trip for Eli's K-5 class and he was so excited.  It was at the pumpkin patch and the kids were running like crazy!  There was a corn maze, hay ride, pumpkin picking, and a petting zoo.  We had so much fun....but Eli had a little bit more fun than most.
At the end of the day we made our way around to the petting zoo.  After the kids were tired of feeding the animals they started acting like animals.  Eli zoomed past me to catch up with some of his buddies that were hanging out in the gazebo.  I was busy talking with his teacher to pay attention to what he was up to.  All of a sudden he calls out "Hey mom" and I turn to look and this is what I see:
Eli has his arms around a girl in his class and the girl has her arms around Eli.  They looked almost like they were slow dancing.   Eli's look on his face said it all, and it pretty much read "mom, check this out"......and with that the little girl laid a big kiss on my sweet little innocent boy (well maybe not so innocent, but still).  He didn't seem to mind so much, but the shrill scream of "ELI" that came out of me scared the fire out of his teacher.  I regained myself and said "Eli, I don't think that, that is such a good idea".  His teacher looks over and realizes what was going boy was making out with a girl in a gazebo on a K-5 field trip.  Good thing she has  a good sense of humor and went to break up the love fest. 
I just shocked.....
First Andrew feeling up the teachers and now Eli making out with students in kindergarten...we will be kicked out of school for sure!
FYI.....It really wasn't that bad...and I may have elaborated just a bit (there was no love fest or making out, just a little necking...see I just can't stop).....but it sure was funny!

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