Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jerky Anyone?

Ever since I was a little girl all I can remember from long trips is...snacks!  If we stopped anywhere for gas it meant we were getting snacks...and I loved this little tradition we had.  My favorite snack to get was beef jerky, probably because my older brothers always got it and I wanted to be just like them.  Anyways, as I got older the tradition still reigned.  Every trip meant snacks and for me that meant beef jerky.
My family had another tradition also and that was being pranksters.  My dad was the world's worst at pulling pranks on brothers followed his lead and like I said if my brothers did it, then I did it.
I guess I was around twelve or so and we were traveling to Georgia to visit my grandparents.  As always we stopped for gas and I decided that I wanted.......jerky.  Only when I went into the store they didn't have any, so I bought something else and headed out to the car.
At the time I had this little poodle named Buffy.  I loved that dog more than anything and I bought her, her very own dog jerky. 
Dad always liked to munch on things in the car and asked if he could have some of the jerky I bought.  Mom chimed in and wanted a piece also.  Well instead of telling them I didn't have any, I decided to give them a piece guessed it, DOG JERKY!  I handed them each a piece and they put it in their mouth.  I was so tickled that I couldn't stop laughing....I mean I was snot laughing...and mom couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.  Then it dawned on her and she started spitting out the dog jerky as fast as she could. Then she said "Joy, is this the dog's jerky"......I was busted!  I was still snot laughing so hard that I couldn't answer and Dad rolled down his window spitting chunks of his dog jerky out.
We still laugh about that, and in fact my brothers ask my parents often if they have had any jerky lately!

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