Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rest Stop!

So on our trip down to Alabama the other day we made a pit stop at the 1st Alabama rest area.  This is our normal stop.  Every time we make a trip we try and stop here and let the dogs and kids out to stretch their legs. 
The Red's were in the back screaming they HAD to pee so I figured it was time to stop.  My dad was driving us down since my ankle was jacked up still so he pulled the car into the rest stop. 
We pulled over to the dog walk part and I got out and put Gus's leash on him.  Before I knew what was happening, the Red's had jumped out of the car and bee lined over to the picnic table right in the middle of the park.  As I glanced up I suddenly realized what they were doing....PEEING ON THE TOP OF THE PICNIC TABLE!!!!!!!!!
I froze...I didn't know what to do!  Do I scream at them and draw attention, or do I just let them finish?  I decided to scream....but it didn't help, they just kept right on peeing.  I hobbled over as fast as I could, but when I reached them they were done.  So I made the hasty decision to leave...quickly! 
I couldn't tell if my dad was as mortified as I was or red from laughing so hard......

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