Monday, October 4, 2010

My Monkey

When I found out I was having a girl I was a bit relieved.  I thought for sure that girls were a little calmer and easier than boys.  That I wouldn't have to spend my days chasing my daughter around like I had to chase the Red's.  That I wouldn't have to pull my daughter out of things like I did the Red's.  That I wouldn't have to clean up "dumping" messes like I did the Red's (see Dumping post in July).  However, what I got was a rude awakening!
I think that Payton actually gets into more things than the Red's ever thought of.  She is more sneaky, and quite, where the Red's were loud and seemed to tell on themselves.  Not my darling daughter.....she's the one who runs around climbing on everything and getting into everything without ever letting out a peep.  It makes it a lot harder to keep up with her. 

I should have had a clue when I caught her climbing in the fridge when she was around 9 months old:
Or when she managed to figure out how to get onto the table at 11 months old:
But I think it finally sunk in when I caught her in the pantry that she is going to be the death of me:
She figured out all by herself that if she climbed on the dogs food container that she could get the food she wanted on the shelves above.  I've got to say, she's a smart cookie!  The only problem with this is that she did it again on another day and well.......
she got STUCK!  Notice all the things on the floor that she pulled off my shelves!

So I've developed a new plan for Miss P........
As long as she's in here, she can't climb onto anything and give me a heart attack......
"Mom, I promise I'll be good now"

Okay, NO I did not lock my daughter in the dog cage...she climbed in herself and shut the door behind her!

I thought it only fitting this years that her Halloween costume reflect her personality!  So here's this year choice for Sissy Lou:
My precious little Monkey!

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