Friday, October 22, 2010

The Meeting....

Per request....The story of how Jesse and I met.
My Version:
It was November 1998 and I was headed to a singles night at a church about 45 minutes away.  A lot was planned for the night....worship, snacks, and volleyball....and maybe even a love connection.  I was suppose to give my testimony about my wreck that night during the worship time.  I had been traveling around the area speaking at different churches since my accident in July of 1997.  So I got up in front of all the "singles"(and yes that included me) and told my story.....very calm and collective.  Right after I spoke the leader then gets up and says that they have someone else that they would like to speak also.  Up walks Jesse and he dives into his testimony, but instead of it being calm and collective he blubbers and cries the whole way through it.  Yes I know it's because he loves Jesus and was so grateful for His saving grace, but I have to tell you I was a little uncomfortable at the sight of this man crying like a baby in front of everyone.....I kind of felt sorry for him.  (that's a joke people....only a joke)!
After worship I felt an obligation to go and tell him "good job" and give him a pat on the back.  Then I went on my marry way hopping across the gym to play some volleyball.  You see, when I arrived I noticed that there was a guy there that I had had a crush on since I was a child, and I just knew that God had brought me to that church that night to be reunited with this guy.  So I spent the whole night trying to get to know him and flirt, and flirt....and flirt.  By the end of the night there was no progress with my flirting so I left feeling a bit down : (
A few months passed  by and it was now February 1999.  The powers that be decided to host another one of these singles shindigs, but this time our church would be the host.  The stage was set for a fun night of Cajun food and games galore.  I was so in hopes that my long lost crush would show up again and I could have a second chance of wooing him.  My wish was granted and when I saw him walk through the door my heart skipped a beat.  This time my flirting would work for sure!
During dinner I quickly realized that my worst fear was coming true....this guy was just not into me.  I recovered, dusted myself off and moved on.  I began chatting away with the other fellas that were seated at my table.  Jesse just so happened to be one of those guys and he was absolutely the funniest guy I had ever talked to.  He had me gut laughing most of the night.  I think I even challenged him in an eating competition at one point....yeah, I lost....that's my famous flirting at work...nice, right!
During the night he informed me that his job had just transferred him to the Birmingham area and that he didn't know a soul.  So I decided that I would be nice...Yes, that's it...I was BEING NICE, and told him that if he would like I could show him around town sometime.  I gave him my number and left. 
Later that week he called and we made plans with a group of people to meet up and hang out for a while.  After eating we all ended up back at my apartment watching a movie.  The other two people that were there decided to leave early and that just left Jesse and I.  There was only one couch in the living room so we sat together and watched the movie. I sat back and put my feet up on the couch with made me lean in his direction.  After the movie finished, Jesse got up to use the bathroom before he left.  I gathered my purse and keys and stood close to the door waiting on him to finish.  I was going to let him follow me to the interstate.  When he finished in the bathroom he walked out and stood really close to me.  It was a little of an awkward moment and I was just going to give him a hug good bye.....but somehow our signals got crossed and he leaned down and laid a big wet one on me.  I mean, arm behind my head and everything.....a BIG kiss!
I have to say I didn't resist and it was actually a pretty good kiss, but just not what I had expected. 
From there things steamed rolled for us.  We saw each other almost everyday and in October 1999 Jesse asked me to be his wifey for ever and ever....
The end

Jesse's Version:
I went to this singles night just to have something to do and to give my testimony.  This girl gets up and gives her testimony and I just couldn't believe she didn't cry at all.....emotionless.  Then she bounced around the gym like a hyper school girl.  I was interested in another girl and I spent most of the night chatting with her at the table.
A few months later I decided to go to another one of these singles nights.  I had just been transferred with my job and I didn't really know anyone in town.  I drove down with 3 of my friends and I was really hoping that this girl that I had talked to last time would be there.  When I walked in I saw immediately that she had brought a date with her.  Oh well, I sat down with my friends to eat and recognized the girl sitting across from me.  It was the girl who gave the emotionless testimony.  She was flirting with me all night!  She didn't look half bad and had a rather nice butt (that was my pre-kid butt...AH, those were the days!) so I decided to give her a chance.  At the end of the night she was throwing herself at me, giving me her number, saying "call me".  So I gave her a call in the middle of the next week, then she invited two other friends to join us.  I was getting mixed signals.....was she into me or not?  I played it cool all night and knew after supper that she was definitely into me.  She was flirting non stop all night.  We went back to her place to watch a movie and she snuggled up right beside me.  At the end of the night when I walked out of the bathroom she was just standing there looking at me and I just knew that she wanted me to kiss her.  So I did......then just as our lips met I knew that this was the girl of my dreams,  Just like out of a fairy tale.  I fell head over heels for her with that one magical kiss ; ) 
The End
My version would be the correct version to believe ; )  I just choose to let him think other wise just so his ego won't be bruised.  The jest of our story though is we both went to meet other people, but ended up finding each other...AAAWWWW!!!!!

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