Monday, October 11, 2010

Eagle Eye's Jesse

 We had our Worship Team Renewal this weekend so I was not home Friday night or most of the day Saturday.  Jesse was home three-deep in kids and trying to maintain the house at the same time.  There is one thing that I can count on when I am away for an extended amount of time and that next BLOG POST.  It never fails, whenever Jesse is home with the kids, there will always be a story to write!
When I returned home late Saturday I was pooped.  I was emotionally drained from a great renewal time with the Worship team so all I wanted to do was crash out on the couch.  When my feet hit the doorway Payton ran over to me with a black marker in her hand.  I took it away and asked where she got it.  Jesse looked puzzled and said he didn't know.  I was too tired to investigate any further so I let it go.   Jesse immediately grabbed my hand and led me to the kitchen and started pointing out what he had done while I was gone.  "See.......I did the dishes and unloaded the dish washer, aren't you so happy with how wonderful I am *grin*".  I thanked him for what he had done and made my way to the couch.
Only when I sat down my eyes were immediately drawn to something etched on the couch cushion.  I looked at the cushion then glanced back at Jesse and then back to the cushion.  Then I asked "so......have you been watching the kids?". 
Jesse:  "YES Joy, I have been playing with them all day, they haven't left my sight". 
Joy:  "Then did you see that Eli wrote his name on the couch cushion with black marker?"
Jesse:  "what?  You're kidding......where?"
Then I showed him Eli's name that he had printed on the couch cushion in BLACK MARKER!
While we were looking at it somehow my mom sense kicked in and my eye caught another "Eli" printed on the ottoman:
Then......I started looking for them, and somehow they just kept popping up:
Jesse was laughing a little and he kept saying "I promise, I was with them all day, he must have just done it in the last 5 minutes". 
As I'm looking for more "Eli's" Jesse calls Eli in the room.  When he appears I see more of his artwork on...HIM!
He even managed to write "E  l   i"  across his face.....E on one cheek...l on the other cheek and i on his chin.

So much for crashing on the was time to get busy scrubbing "ELI" off EVERYTHING!

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