Friday, February 4, 2011

#1 Way To Embarrass Mommy

****WARNING....especially to might not want to read might make you uncomfortable, so I am giving you fair warning right now to turn back...TURN BACK NOW!****
If you decided to stay, then it's on were warned!

A seal on one of our windows has malfunctioned and so I called the window guys to come out and take a look.  As I am standing there talking with the sales guy, (who was like 20) Sissy Lou runs over and wants me to pick her I did.  The sales guy continues talking and by this time is standing beside the window across from me.  In the middle of his spill, Sissy Lou does the most unthinkable thing to me....she reached down and started HONKING my boob like a bicycle horn!!!!!  Try as I might I couldn't get her to quit, and she thought it was hysterical, laughing the whole time.  So the harder I pushed her hand down the more she HONKED, making the action impossible to miss.
The shame and embarrassment was overwhelming and I could feel the uncomfortable air between us.  I even had that nervous beading sweat start collecting on my upper lip, and I could feel my neck becoming beet red.  I could have just died!  Of course Sissy Lou was non the wiser......
I finally was able to get her to quit and quickly ushered the sales man out the door.  I'm sure he was just as relieved to leave as I was to have him leave.
Oh my heart is still pitter pattering!
So, So, SO happy I was able to share MORE of my embarrassment with you!
*Honk, Honk*

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  1. That sooooooooooooooooooo made me laugh! Hope you eventually got new windows!


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