Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sissy Lou's Busted Head

I tried to think of a good title for this one, but I landed on this kind of summed up ever thing.
Many of you are aware by now that we had a visit with the Children's ER the other night.  I know you all were thinking that I would have a story to were right!
It all started at supper time while Jesse and I were plating up food for our ravenous kids.  All three were sitting nicely in their chairs awaiting their food to be served to them Richardson style.  This included Sissy Lou, she was buckled up in her booster seat.  If you can't remember what our table looks like, here's a refresher:  high top=long fall!
All of a sudden we hear a thunderous crash, and we turned to see Sissy Lou's chair completely backward with her screaming on the ground.  We rushed over to her and realized that she was bleeding...a lot!  There was so much blood, that we couldn't find where she was bleeding from.
She had taken her feet and pushed against the table resulting in her falling backward.  I have to say we were a little freaked!  That was a long way to fall, a lot of blood, and a very hard hit to her little head!
Finally I was able to locate where she was bleeding from and realized she had a gash in the back of her head.  I told Jesse we had to go to the ER and we dropped everything and ran out.
Not a thought was put into what we looked like at that given point.  That was until we arrive at the ER and were sitting in the room.  That is when I realized that Eli was wearing his last years baseball pants, short sleeve shirt and crocs with no was like 20 degrees outside! They did have their jackets on at least!
Then I looked at Andrew who had a short sleeve shirt on and some wind pants with no socks (his shoes were there, he just kicked them off to make us look even crazier).  It was then that I realized what I looked yanked in a pony tail, no makeup, and no bra.....yes mam' brazier (talk about embarrassed....I was ten different shades of red). I had a black sweat suit (for lack of a better term) on that at least had a zipper jacket...but it still didn't make me feel any better!  I made a quick joke to the nurse that we looked like a bunch of hillbilly's trying to knock off some of her shock at the sight of us!
Since Sissy Lou had fallen so far and hit her head so hard they decided to do a CT scan just to make sure her brains were still intact.
I am happy to report that we left with a clean CT and 3 staples to her noggin (which completely freaked Eli out)!
Hey, what can I say, we're the Richardson's and we have to support our local ER....after all they do have a wing named after us!

Just to put your minds at ease, Sissy Lou is doing nothing ever happened!  My nerves on the other hand are still shot!
I am very grateful to our Loving Father who has kept a watch over my family!  However, I think that our guardian angels would like a break from time to time!


  1. Oh Joy... so thankful she is ok!!!

  2. I am so gratefull as well, that she is o.k.
    Leslie Borden


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