Friday, February 25, 2011

Jewelry Sabotager

I tell you.....I have been in the muck knee deep around here.  Some sort of bleak, blah-ness, rainy, cold, non-inspiring stuff, surrounded by sickness, place..ugg!
I realized the other night that all my blogs are sort of redundant, repeating the same sort of happenings with different things.  Like for instance:  Sissy Lou did ________, or The Red's said _________, or Jesse....well Jesse's just funny (in the head)!
However, the thought entered my mind that, that is exactly what I started this blog for in the first place.  I's suppose to be about the "what's next" of our matter how redundant, since we seem to be "that" family that EVERYTHING happens to!  With that being said I would like to now get to the "what's next" part of this story.....which is another Sissy Lou did______!
I have this very lovely jewelry case that my father bought me years ago.  It's beautiful and plenty big enough to hold all my jewelry.
Along with my shoe addiction I have a jewelry addiction....but not the real, cost a lot, shiny gold, lots of diamonds type of jewelry.  Nope, I LOVE costume jewelry....just love it and I LOVE to accessorize.  Okay, don't get me wrong, I'll take the real, cost a lot, shiny gold, with lots of diamonds type anytime, but the bulkiness of the costume world just overwhelms's like a magnet to me.  With that being said my jewelry box is nearly filled.

Since I have been knee deep lately, taking care of Andrew and Jesse all the while being the "single mother" of the week, taking care of the house, etc.... Sissy Lou has felt a little deprived.  So she has taken matters into her own hands to get raiding my jewelry box!
The other night while running from bathroom to bathroom trying to get the Red's ready for bed, Sissy Lou slipped quietly in our room (we call her the sniper because she always strikes without you knowing) and SABOTAGED my JEWELRY!  There were beads everywhere, and broken necklaces just lying around.  8 necklaces to be exact....these are just the fragments of what is left.
I slid to the floor and wept for a while for my fallen, beautiful pieces that were no more......okay, I'm kidding about that last part, but it did break my heart....just a little. She stripped one side of my jewelry case almost completely!
Good thing it was just the fake stuff...I have always stashed my finer pieces in another place where little sticky hands can't reach!  I learned that lesson back when Eli was little...I seem to have a reoccurring theme, except he was more into my bracelets!

So if any of you know a good "costume" jewelry fixer, I would love to know who to call!

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  1. My neighbor makes jewelry and can should be able to fix whatever is broken. I've actually been meaning to host a show for her, but I digress.


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