Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Am Sick of February!

Alright, I am officially nominating February as the "sick" month for the Richardson household!
It all started with Sissy Lou getting a cold/fever virus that turned into an ear infection that we couldn't get rid of with two rounds of antibiotics.  Then The cold/fever virus found it's way into Eli and caused him to have an ear infection (weird, I know)!  Oh, and let's not forget the head injury!
Then it was Andrew's turn....I reported in a few previous blogs that Andrew had a Flu "look alike" virus...turns out I was wrong.  After a few days of battling a fever that wouldn't budge from 102 with Tylenol and Motrin (which freaked me out a little considering our past incounter with Kwasaki's...I should write a blog on that later),  I caved and took him to the doctor.  Good thing I did, because it turns out it wasn't the Flu....it was STREP!
So we started him on antibiotics on Friday.......and that puts all three of my kids on antibiotics for the month of February!
Today, low and behold, Andrew's fever returned : (  since he is still on his medication it is only to be reasoned that he now has a fever virus on top of strep..GREAT!
To make matters even worse, Jesse came home from work today early....HE'S NOW RUNNING A FEVER....the evil Germies got him!!!!
Here's my sick crew for February!
Jesse went to the doctor and he has the FLU....SHUT UP!!!!!
I need to take my "well" kids and get the heck out of here before it gets me......I'm the only one who hasn't been sick in February....I feel the germie little creatures all around me clawing their way into my immune system...HELP!!!!!
Lysol and hand sanitiser have become my closest companions over the past month and have remained loyal and steadfast in my time of need.
I am leading the charge in the Richardson household to cleanse us of all evil germs that seek to destroy...wish me luck!

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  1. Girl!!! Chug the Emergen-C!!!! Praying for you!



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