Thursday, February 17, 2011

Andrew Meets Mr. Flu "like" Virus....

For the past few weeks now we have been hearing reports of kids dropping like flies in Andrew's classroom with a horrible flu "like" virus.  As you can imagine I held my breath and crossed my fingers that our household would be spared from the grasp of Mr. Flu.  However, last night we all met face to face at 1:30 a.m.
I was awakened by Andrew at my bedside whining and when I touched him I realized that he was burning up with fever.  I let out a huge *sigh* and woke Jesse to tell him, Andrew has "The Virus"!  I gave him some Tylenol and snuggled him close.  Andrew wasn't feeling so well and tossed and turned saying his head and tummy hurt. So I grabbed the small garbage can and we headed to sleep on the couch.
About an hour later the stomach part of Mr. Flu hit.....
Finally I was able to get Andrew settled again and he drifted off to sleep.
At 5:00 a.m. I was awakened again by Andrew, but this time he was laughing hysterically in his sleep.  At first I thought it was funny that he was laughing so hard in his sleep (this would equate to one of my snot laughs).  But then after 2-3 minutes of this laugh I started to get a little concerned.  So I touched his arm and tried to talk to him, asking him what he was laughing at.
The response I got was something in the realm of little monkey's tickling him and Sissy Lou talking to him (he said she was funny).....
The he snapped out of it, and doesn't remember any of it.
Fever does some strange things people....little monkeys and Sissy Lou talking....hmmmm
Should be an interesting few days ahead!
So can anyone tell me the point of getting the flu vaccine if the sneaky Mr. Flu morphs itself into something furious that drugs can't help?

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  1. Oh poor Andrew!!!! Hang in there girl! My only offer of consolation is that Marty and I escaped it so maybe you will too... Granted I got the other flu, but still, anything but puke!



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