Thursday, February 3, 2011

Peanut Butter

Who knew what a pain peanut butter could be.  I never did....I mean, it taste good, it makes great treats, it makes Reese cups (yum), it even gets gum out of's wonderful...UNTIL it gets into your hair......then it's impossible!

As I was perusing my facebook news page I came across a post that caught my attention.  It was from Anita Renfroe (and if you don't know who she is google her, you will not be disappointed....hilarious!) and she was saying how she had her new favorite snack.  A warmed tortilla spread with peanut butter and nutella and wrapped around a banana.  Sounded good to me....peanut butter, chocolate and banana...couldn't be bad...had to try it!  It could have been that I was starving since my children kept stealing anything I fixed for myself or the fact that I was craving chocolate (Ladies, I know you feel me here), but I wanted I fixed myself one!
Sure enough as I had my finished product in my hand, I looked down and saw two sets of puppy dog eyes staring back at me..Eli and Sissy Lou...then the begging began...paws up, tongues out and everything.  So I cut my snack into three sections and shared : (  Not feeling satisfied I decided to make some plain ole peanut butter crackers for myself....but guess who saw those crackers and threw down her banana snack....Sissy Lou, that's who!

Again, I shared, but Sissy Lou didn't want the crackers...nope, she wanted the peanut butter.  So she ripped off the top cracker and took her finger and got a huge glob (because I piled it on for MYSELF) of peanut butter and.....put it in her hair!  NOT in her mouth...HER HAIR, and it was in there good.  Of course she wouldn't just place it nicely in her hair, nope she had to smash it in and entangle half her head of hair with the glob of peanut butter.
As you can imagine, I spent a good chunk of my afternoon, washing, combing, washing, combing, washing, combing and trying to remove the peanut butter!
Like I said....who knew such a satisfying snack could turn into my nightmare?  Sissy Lou knew.....

Anyone care to share their peanut butter removal technique?  Publish below in comment section PLEASE!!!

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