Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well the Red's have now had their first official fight!  *Sigh*  We knew this day would come and I thought I'd be prepared for it, but I wasn't.  How could I ever be prepared to sit back and watch two of my darling children, who I love so dearly, beat the living snot out of each other?
Here's the low down:
The bickering began early in the evening over trivial stuff.  Then the name calling began, which turned into some hurt feelings.  With the hurt feelings came anger and with the anger...well punches started flying and legs kicking like ninjas and then I see my sweet little Eli on the ground Christmas Story style with Andrew straddled over him.  Andrew was sitting on Eli and throwing punch after punch after punch.  Finally Eli was able to maneuver Andrew off and the fight ended with Eli getting his tail handed to him. 

I sat them both down and we had a LONG talk about how to respect each other, how to deal with our hurt feelings and how to manage our anger.  I then explained how much it hurt Mommy and Jesus to see them fight with their words and fist.
Since I was totally ill-prepared for this event (and left to man the fight myself) I thought I'd make a few purchases for future events.  See what you think:
First I will need a uniform, just so there is no mistaking who's in charge!
and Sissy Lou will need one as well.....because she is the boss!

Let's not forget my whistle for when my voice is not heard:

and if that doesn't work:

Then I will have Jesse build a ring in the basement...just to keep them contained:
Finally, I will need this:
Not for their eat....breaking up fights makes me hungry.....and I'm an emotional eater ; )

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