Thursday, November 11, 2010

Belle The Glow Dog

 I have been a pretty supportive wife with the whole hunting thing.  I was even supportive when Jesse wanted to get a retriever to help with his duck hunts.  When he brought Belle home she fit right in.  The Red's love her, Sissy Lou dominates her and Gus is lost without her.  She has been a great dog and a great addition to our family.  She is very well trained and hasn't given us much trouble at all....except for the past TWO WEEKS!  Something clicked inside her tiny brain and she has decided to make up for her good behavior the past year all at once.
It all started when Jesse returned from his North Dakota hunting trip.  I am assuming that somewhere out in the middle on no where that Belle lost her mind.  Maybe she was overwhelmed with how many ducks she had to retrieve, or maybe she froze to death in the State that is minutes from Canada....your guess is as good as mine.  One things for sure...she came back a different dog. 
It started out with a pair of Jesse dress shoes (that are not cheap).  We just chucked it up to her missing him since they had been together for every waking hour the past ten days.  Then she moved on to whatever toy was lying around the house.  She would take it to her kennel and chew it to pieces.  Then it was my house shoes (which I adore and can't live without.....I even go to car pool in them....yes I know you are laughing, but they are the best!) needless to say I was not a HAPPY!
Then she would run down the road to visit everyone every time I let her out.  Then she chewed one of my Euro shams that goes on our bed (at this point I am growing a hatred toward this dog). 
Not to mention the countless times she has rolled in poop....all in TWO WEEKS...she has had at least 3 baths. Then she did something that I would have never guess she would chew...THE COUCH (now I'm ready to look for a new home for Belle The Wonder Dog).
But two days ago she chewed something that just made me laugh.
On Halloween the kids all had glow stick bracelets so we could keep up with them (not that it helped).  Since then I have been finding them all over the house and then throw them away.  Apparently I missed one and Belle found it.  I was sitting here the other day and all of a sudden I see Belle started bucking like a wild horse.  She is jumping, bouncing and shaking her head.  Then I notice that she is foaming at the mouth something fierce!  She was drooling puddles on my floor and looked to be agitated with the whole thing. I walked over to her kennel to see what she had gotten into and found....a glow stick bracelet.  She had been chewing on the end and punctured it. 
No worries people she didn't shallow enough of it to hurt her and the vet said she would be just fine.  But it did make me laugh that she finally got HERS!  That will teach you Belle...SO Stay away from my pillows, my couch and for goodness sakes my HOUSE SHOES!

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