Monday, November 1, 2010

We Paid the Price!

I have always consider myself somewhat of an intelligent person.  I mean.....I am usually pretty good at thinking things through, weighing the pros and cons and knowing what to avoid.  That is until last week when I decided to blog about our tradition in picking out our pumpkins.  At the end of the blog I wrote a small sentence and it was: "Can any of you tell that my kids haven't done anything lately to write about....or is this what you call writer's block????". 
What a stupid thing to was like I was begging for my kids to do something.  I know better than to question the quietness around the house.  I should have embraced the fact that I had nothing terrible to write about.  But instead I dared fate to take it's course....I willed The Red's to invade....I....I asked for it.

Two things...two things that I did terribly wrong:
1.  I said out loud that my kids had not gotten into anything so I had nothing to write about.

2.  We had a yard sale.

Jesse and I were so busy getting things ready for the yard sale and then again doing the actual yard sale that we neglected our instinct on the Red's.  Sissy Lou was covered...she never left my side, but the Red's...well they are 6 & 5 and kept running in and out of the house like wild Indiana's that had consumed too much fire water.  The sum of the statements above is this...WE PAID THE PRICE!

The yard sale had ended and I was busy getting the left overs boxed up and ready to go to Goodwill.  The things I decided to keep I took downstairs to our storage room.  On my way back upstairs I noticed a few things that were out of place. 
They were: a hammer and a screw driver lying on the floor with a very large screw. 
Then my eyes glanced up to a few holes that had been placed into our walls.  The Red's had been busy alright....they had been trying to hand their basketball goal themselves right into the wall using Jesse's hammer, screw driver and a few screws.  They were not successful though and this is what was left in the aftermath:

The culprit for this stunt:

As I was busy examining the new wholes in our walls I glanced up to find this:

This is one of Jesse's beloved pictures.....BROKEN....
The culprit for this stunt:
He's not happy because I just told him I was going to have to talk to his daddy about this!
He said he was playing baseball in the basement and the bat just flew out of his hand......
this is said bat:
 We have now moved past the little boys messes into BIG boy messes.....I am NOT ready for the big boy messes yet, and I don't think my house will survive them either.  Time to stock up on some spackle 
 I will never, never, NEVER, complain about not having anything to write about ever again!

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