Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It Never Fails....

It never fails....every..yes, EVERY time I schedule to have our pictures taken as a family, one of the kids will fall and get a huge knot on their head or black eye....EVERY TIME!
I guess most of you can tell that I do not have many pictures that include the whole family by the picture above that graces the header of this blog.  That picture was taken last year in front of our Christmas tree by a sweet friend who knows my plight.
I have been trying for months to schedule pictures for our family.  We have yet to get a picture that would hang in the house that includes Sissy Lou....and she is 16 months old!  Between the Red's schedule, my schedule, Jesse schedule and sickness we have landed on TODAY!  I have had the coordinating outfits picked out for weeks. 
Yesterday, since it was such a nice day outside, we decided to play basketball as a family.  Sissy Lou was busy running around the front yard, the Red's were trying to block Jesse and I was trying to get my mums planted in a pot (for the pictures of course).  All of a sudden I hear a loud cry....the hurt can always tell the difference.  I look up to find Jesse squatting next to Sissy Lou and looking at her head. I dashed over to see what was going on only to find out that Sissy had fallen down and hit her head.  She had a lovely nice lump right at the top of her forehead....NICE! 
After checking her out to make sure she was alright I went for the ice pack.  We had to cancel the last set of photos we had schedule for this very reason....she actually fell the day of the pictures that time. 
I am praying that if I position her hair just so and maybe with some touch up you will not be able to see the RED bump on her head!  Oh kind of "is" our family anyways so why not have a picture that shows the "true" us!
Hopefully I will have a nice family shot to replace the old Christmas picture's hoping!

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