Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Day At The Farm!

On Sunday we decided to take a drive out to one of the farms Jesse hunts to check on the ponds.  Thanksgiving day is opening season for duck hunting around here and most of the ponds are low.  Jesse wanted to check out the prime locations to see how they were doing.  So I gathered all our gear (boots and camera) and headed out the door. 
When we arrived Jesse pulls up to gate and says "you're going to have to open a few gates for us to drive through". 
Something happened at this very moment that I like to refer to as a brain fart.  You know when you just can't get your brain in gear....like it's working a good minute behind you.  A task so simple all of a sudden becomes mind boggling......
I look at him and say "well, how am I suppose to get through the fence?"...and with a chuckle and a smirk wide across his face Jesse looks at me and says "I guess you will have to do some problem solving".
So with my brain still working a good minute behind, I jump out of the truck, walk over to the fence, unlatch it, watch Jesse drive through, and then I shut the gate behind him.  Only problem is that I am still on the opposite side....so I did what he told me too...I problem solved by climbing the fence....BRAIN FART!
Yes, yes I realized as I was in mid straddle that I could have just walked through the gate and closed it on the other side....but I was already half way over and committed! 
I hung my head low because I knew the minute I got back in the car the blow was coming.  So I swung open the door and before I could be made fun of, I made fun of myself (best defense ever)!  Jesse was doubled over laughing with disbelief at what he had just witnessed! His pour blond wifey!
We managed to press on and drive up to the next gate (which I mastered)
but there was something blocking the road:

and they weren't budging!  Finally after honking and driving up close to them they started to dis ban! 
It was at this point that I turned around to realize that I had indeed forgot something...something very important!  ELI IS TERRIFIED OF COWS!  Don't ask me why...but they freak him out!  At least he didn't do the ugly cry......so I urged Jesse to move on quickly!
We arrived at the desired pond only to realize that it was down about 3 feet. 
We jumped out of the car and the kids (including Jesse) strapped on their boots.  I grabbed my camera and we walked down to the waters edge.  Eli ran ahead with Jesse, but Andrew stayed with me and became fascinated with a very large stick. 
He stuck it in the water and stepped forward to smush it down good.  This is about the point that he realized that his right foot was STUCK! 
 Being the good mom that I am I began snapping away pictures.  He turns and says "mom, I'm really stuck"...so I should have put the camera down to help right?  Well I didn't because I was too busy CRYING LAUGHING!!!  The harder he tried to release his foot the more he got stuck.  Then he completely lost his balance and made a huge step with his left foot and was now lodged in the muck almost doing the splits!  
So did I help....nope, I couldn't see because of the tears and snot laugh that had taken over my body!
When I went to help him out finally I noticed one thing...guess who forgot their boots...ME!  It was only when the mud started seeping through my shoes that I realized my error!
So because Andrew looked like this:
I made him stripe before getting into the car.....I mean come on....I know what that mud is....cow poop!
He's going to kill me for these pictures one day!
So that sums up our day at the farm...brain farts, gates, fear of cows, mud sinking and of course SNOT LAUGHING!!!!

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