Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

I was out the other night and left Jesse on kid detail.  I have said this before and I'll say it again...I can always count on a blog after Jesse watches the kids.  Don't know why, but it never fails.  So below is the recounted story from Jesse to me:
Jesse was upstairs getting Sissy Lou ready for bed when he heard a loud crash.  Immediately he knew that a window had been hit.  He jumped up and ran downstairs only to find the Red's scampering away.  Jesse looked at the windows to make sure they were still in tact...and they were, but there was something lying on the floor next to the windows.  I'll give you a guess...I blogged about it a few weeks ago....A SMALL WOODEN BASEBALL BAT!
I'm assuming that the talk we had with them on that day had slipped their minds!  Anyways, Jesse looks over at the Red's and says: "Alright, what happened?".
Andrew: "Eli did it"
Jesse: "Eli, what did you do?"
Eli: "I didn't do nothing daddy"
Jesse: "Eli, I heard something and I know you did what is it?"
Eli:  "Um, maybe it was a bird that flew into the window?"
Jesse: "Eli, you need to tell daddy the truth"
Eli: "Um, maybe the bat flew itself over and hit the window"

Jesse: "Eli, you had better tell me the truth right now, when you lie you get into trouble, but if you always tell daddy the truth you will not get into you understand?"
Eli: "yes sir"
Jesse: "Alright then, tell me what happened"
Eli: "well....I threw the bat and it hit the window"
Jesse: "thank you for telling the truth...because you told the truth you will not get into trouble"

This all has a point...just bare with me a moment!

A little while later.......
Jesse tells the Red's to come up and get into the tub.  After a few minutes he goes into the bathroom to check on the progress of them bathing themselves (which usually takes forever)!  When he opens the bathroom door he sees that they have indeed washed everything but themselves.  The bathroom was drenched in was all over the floors, the walls, the vanity...EVERYWHERE!
What you have to understand is that we have had this same conversation with them a million times... "DO NOT SPLASH THE WATER OUT OF THE TUB"!  I even quit letting them take a bath together for a while to remedy the back to the story:
So again Jesse looks at the Reds and says:

"Alright...WHO DID IT?"
and with that Eli jumps up and raises his hand as high as he can and says

Don't you hate when previous lessons come back to bite you in the buttocks! 
Smart Boy!

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