Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Yesterday I made a trip across town to go and pick out our new mattress.  To get to this place I had to go through an extremely busy part of town on the interstate.  This section of roadway is usually jammed up with tons of semi's and the road just seems a bit narrow.  I'm saying all this to explain how important the need to pay attention is especially in this section. 
Payton was chillin' in the back and we were on our way when all of a sudden this furry eight eyed monster  appears out of no where...ON MY STEERING WHEEL!  Generally I am not the one with the acrophobia...that is usually left up to Jesse.  He hates spiders and nothing gives me more joy than to hear him squeal like a girl when one gets near him.  Unfortunately on this day it was me that was doing the squealing!
I looked down and saw this creepy brown spider (that I convinced myself was a brown recluse) and my stomach sunk.  I felt helpless and immediately broke out in a cold sweat.  I had that sinking feeling in my belly and I panicked!  I was on the worst section of interstate and stuck between two semi's.  There was no where to go...I two trucks and a spider!
FYI: This is not the spider in question...and may be a smidge smaller
I decided to grab a napkin and try to squish it before it could get me.  Probably not the best decision while driving but I was desperate!  So I reached up and went for the monster......and it was not in my napkin and not on the steering wheel.  Now I was really freaking out....WHERE DID IT GO....NOW I'VE JUST MADE IT MAD.....IT'S GOING TO GET ME!
I saw an exit ramp just ahead and thought it would be best for me to pull over and finish this battle once and for all before I crashed. I could just hear the report now: "Woman freaks out over spider on steering wheel causing a massive pile up on HWY 264".
As I pulled off the exit I was immediately aware that this was probably not the best part of town.  So I could die by spider or gun fire......and I chose gun fire.....the spider had to DIE!
I jumped out of the car and started searching for the little booger....Oh, I mean HUGE, GINORMOUS, MAD EATING TARANTULA.  It had fallen down to the floor mat and that is where he met his maker....smashed with the bottom of my shoe. 
BLAH.....It still makes me a little sick thinking about it...*shiver*!

Courtesy of my dear friend Wendie Gabbard:
Itsy bitsy spider climbed up the steering wheel.
Down glanced poor Joy and gave her best girl squeal.
Squeal went the tires and the door flew open wide.
And the itsy bitsy spider ... was flung under a semi and died.

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