Monday, November 15, 2010

Sissy Lou The Beautician

This weekend Sissy Lou happened upon some of my lip gloss.  It was tucked way back in one of my drawers and she found it.  So I opened it and put some on her.  She decided that she wanted to do it herself and took the lip gloss from me.  This is Sissy Lou applying the lip gloss to herself:
Check out the sides of her face 
 She actually made it on her lips this time
She is so very proud of herself!
She soon got bored and locked in on another target
Gus bracing himself for impact....INCOMING!!!!
Gus saying "ARE YOU SERIOUS....I cannot believe you are letting her do this to me....ON MY NECK!  Her aim is a little off!
 She quickly realizes her mistake and goes in for the kill shot
After Gus ran away with hot pink lips she looked for another target.....and since I was behind the camera she decided to go for the Red's!  Eli was up first...and his nose
 Then his cheek...what a good big brother!
 She actually got Andrew's lips .....they must really love her!
 and then his nose too...
Finally I wrestled the gloss out of her hands and wiped everyone clean....except for Gus...he was still hiding! 
I decided to save the rest for later when Jesse was home : )

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