Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Belle....The Hunting Dog???

I have had a dilemma from the day that Belle arrived at our house.  I have never owned a big dog before so my knowledge is limited on the demands big dogs make on a person.....and a house. 

The hardwoods of this house were a huge selling point to Jesse and I when we bought this house.  They were beautiful and shiny....and who doesn't like shiny!  We have now lived here for 4 1/2 years and well...the shine started to fade quickly after the Red's pushed and shoved their toy cars over it and.....dumped stuff on it.  However, they were still in pretty good shape.  That was until Belle arrived. 
Here's the dilemma.....BIG DOG + BIG DOG NAILS = RUINED HARDWOODS!  She has scratched them to pieces and try as I might to keep her nails trimmed....she still scratches them! I am not talking about the kind of scratches you just buff out.....nope, I'm talking about the kind you spend a few grand on getting the floors refinished.

 I was joking with a friend of mine the other day and I said "wouldn't it be nice if they made some kind of plastic cap to go over dogs nails?".  She agreed and we went on exploring the various things we could cover the nails with......laughing of course...a lot (we got a little carried away).
 A few days later I hauled Belle and Gus off to the vet to get groomed and overheard the receptionist talking with someone about none other than nail caps for dogs.  I thought for sure I had just been sent a message from the Lord himself!  So I ease dropped a little more and found out where to purchase these bad boys.
Later that day I found myself at the pet store asking about these nail caps for dogs only to be looked at like I was an idiot.  Finally, the sales manager came over and pointed me in the direction of the cat aisle.  He explained that they didn't make them for dogs...just cats.  BUMMER!
On the drive home I couldn't help but wonder if some crazy person out there like me....with the same dilemma as me...had in fact made nail caps for dogs.  You all know that there are ALL kinds of crazies out there when it comes to pets (I use to be one until I had kids, I can't begin to count the many outfits I bought for pour Gus...he even had his own jammies...sad but true).
When I arrived home I jumped on the computer to do my research and wouldn't you know that there is a product out there to solve my dilemma!  So I ordered them......
They arrived yesterday and this is the finished product:

They are soft plastic nail caps that you glue a fake finger nail!!!! I LOVE IT....because it made me laugh...and they work!  Please keep in mind that this is Jesse's hunting dog : )  I couldn't resist....I had to get pink! Every girl needs to be a little DIVA every now and then!
I just can imagine Jesse out there in the marsh, knee deep in camo...with Belle to his side with her flaming HOT PINK TOES!!!  See...doesn't that make you smile too!

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  1. I love it, Joy! You are hilarious! I am tempted to put some on me now. Just so I can have a DIVA moment too! =)
    Love you!


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