Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Wise

This book is one of my most cherished items and if you are a new mom or a mom to be, it's a must have.  You may not agree with everything it says, but the structured routine and schedule it helps you set for your baby is AWESOME!  A sweet friend of mine introduced me to this book when I was pregnant with Andrew and we used it with all three kids. 
It really helped me with simple problem solving on when your baby eats, sleeps and plays...and when to go to the next phase of table food eating. 
It's a real easy read and I have to say that all three of my kids were sleeping through the night by 6 weeks because of the schedule this book helped set in motion.
Like I might not like everything it says and you can be as rigid or laid back as you like with the schedule...but it sure did help!  I was middle ground....I didn't follow everything to the exact "T" with all of my kids...but I did keep the feeding schedule rigid....which helped with the sleeping schedule.
With Andrew I was the most rigid and followed the book almost exactly....Eat, Play, Sleep.  Then Eli came along and Andrew was just 15 months I was way more relaxed with the Play and sleep...and sometimes it was sleep then play (or wake time).  With Payton, I was somewhere in the middle. This will all make more sense once you've read the book.....and if you are way past the baby years then....Sorry about this post...but you should recommend to anyone who is expecting!  Great baby gift as well!!!!!

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