Saturday, January 22, 2011

Now That's a Bed Head!

I thought I'd share with you all how my kids kids sleep......they sleep hard...real hard!  And when they sleep hard they sometimes develop the phenomenon known as: Bed Head!
The other morning Sissy Lou rolled out of her bed and this is what she looked like when she walked into the living room:
Now that is BED HEAD!
Here's a picture of Eli as a baby with bed head too:
They all sweat like little piglets which would explain why they get bed head to the extreme and would also explain this:
This would be the sheets on every one of their beds shoved down to the very bottom of the bed (you will see these pictures again very soon on a blog I'm working on about things that irk me!)Here's an example of how the sheets might get like that......
And here's an example of how one of my hard, bed head sleepers look after just waking:
Now that had to be some good sleep!
Wish I could sleep like that!

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