Monday, January 10, 2011

Shampoo vs. Carpet

Can anyone please tell me what is up with my CHILDREN????  Why must they dump things out on the floor????  It's my fault really...let me explain:

Last week I decided that it was time to get our carpets cleaned once again.  This is an annual thing for us...having three small kids and two dogs thing get pretty messy around here.  We are trying to hold out on getting new carpet (with extra super duty scotch guard) until the kids get older or the dogs die....whichever comes first!  jk
We have lived here now for five years and this carpet has withstood a lot....I mean A LOT!!!  I'm talking, destine cream, juice, milk, spit up, lotion, dog "stuff", candy smushed in, tea, more dog "stuff", bloody nose drippings (Andrew) and my all time favorite SHAMPOO!
So far we have survived...or better yet..the carpet has survived...not very pretty in spots...but survived nonetheless.
The other morning as I was trying my hardest to get dressed, Sissy Lou wondered into the bathroom and before I knew what was happening had grabbed a shampoo bottle out of the shower and decided to pour the shampoo on my FRESHLY CLEANED carpet!
(this picture really doesn't do the suds justice)
Knowing how much work was now in store for me just made my heart sink! You see, I've been in this exact spot before.  When the Red's were in the dumping stage they dumped out a big ole' bottle of baby wash all over Eli's carpet, bed and plush rocking horse. It took me hours to clean up that mess and to wet, sop, wet, sop, wet, sop the soap out of the carpet.

I regained my composure, took the shampoo from Sissy Lou, put it back in the shower, shut the shower door and headed down the hall to the laundry room to get my "supplies".
When I returned I think my head nearly spun off my shoulders...because my little angel
opened the shower door, grabbed that shampoo bottle out again and poured even more watermelon scented shampoo out all over MY carpet!  I just hate that she can get into anything these days.  The things the Red's have taught her......must be them, who else?

So while I began to clean the soap out of the floor my sweet little girl decided to:
get into my cabinets and dump my curler clips out EVERYWHERE (sorry about the strategically placed heart...but she is my little girl and I know you all understand)! So I did the only thing I knew to do...put our shoes on and got OUT of the house.  There is one thing that raising the Red's has taught me...when the day starts out with the "dumping"...GET OUT OF THE HOUSE....HIGH amounts of bored energy needs to be dispursed....and not in my house!
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