Wednesday, January 5, 2011


For Christmas Santa decided to bring The Red's a gumball machine filled with...gumballs.  Why you might ask would Santa do something so crazy?  I'm mean come on, with eyes wide open it's a bad idea! Doesn't he know how nuts the Red's are?  Doesn't he know that gumballs cause cavity bugs?  Doesn't he know that the Red's would eat the gumballs without ceasing? DOESN'T HE KNOW???
I'm assuming that "He" got caught up in the Christmas spirit and put away all that knowledge and decided to get the Red's something "He" knew they would love....and love they did!
First thing Christmas morning after seeing all the prizes left they wanted a gumball..then another...and another...then Sissy Lou saw what was happening and got a taste of that little bally heaven and wanted one...and another...and another...until I finally told Jesse to stop (of course it was him....because he just can't stand to say no just like those grandparents).

So being the mean mom that I am I took the gumball machine away and put it up in the laundry room so I could manage the intake of gumball consumption.  Unfortunately, I forgot who I was dealing with...the Red's can break into and climb on anything to get what they desire...and they desired more gumballs.  It's like crack for kids!
They went into the laundry room while I was busy with "Christmas" and climbed on top of the shelf to get their crack candy.  They stole uncountable gumballs out of the machine and hid them like little chipmunk hoarders. 
I have to say that the Red's are getting pretty darn sneaky or my red radar is broken.....because they stole and stashed them before I even knew what hit me. 

After we returned from our trip after Christmas I got busy putting things away (or as Jesse calls it "Nesting") and as I was doing so I opened the drawers that are part of their bunk beds......that they have decided to christen with their names.
In these drawers they keep some of their most cherished favorite toys that they don't want down in the play room.  I wanted to put some of their new toys away for them and get things organized. However, when I opened these drawers I was greeted with the sight of GUMBALLS! 
Again being the mean mommy I cleaned them out.....and with my red radar working once again I put the evil crack spitting gumball machine on the tippy top shelf that I knew there was no way they could reach!
This morning I began stripping all the beds around the house (and before you think we are gross and haven't changed the sheets since Christmas...don't worry....we were gone until New Year's Day and the sheets were changed before we left...just didn't want you all to think we were filthy and sleeping with bed bugs..Whew, glad I got that off my chest).  
To put new sheet on the bunk beds requires me to pull the bottom bed's on wheels to make my job easy.  Anyways, as I was putting the bottom sheet on the bed my eyes wondered over to a small opening behind the bed...sometimes toys get stuck there and I have to rescue them.  My eyes caught a glimpse of what looked to be...GUMBALLS!!!!  NO WAY!!!  My sneaky, brilliant Red's had stuffed the backside of their bed full of GUMBALLS!  Guess they knew I would steal their stash in their drawers so they stuffed them elsewhere.
As you can imagine I have spent the morning investigating the house, looking in every little nook and cranny in their room for the crack balls!
So far I haven't found anymore.....but like I said the Red's are getting really good at being sneaky little boogers!  I will NOT rest until I have searched everywhere...THE SARGE will NOT be out smarted again....until next week at least!

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  1. Joy, as I read this I couldn't help but laugh; I laughed so hard my eyes watered. I can only imagine what they were thinking as they hoarded their "booty". Your fun stories always make me look forward to the stories I'll have of my own. :)


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